Little kindness

I still choose to get up each day and smile fiercely at the sun. Sure, maybe sometimes that smile looks more like a grimace of pain. Yet despite trisomy 18, despite grief of unimaginable magnitude, despite leukemia, despite Alzheimers, dementia, and mental illness, I choose to dig in my garden, to read books, to write, to cherish my children, the living and the dead, to kiss my husband, and to keep striving towards … whatever it is we strive towards—maybe just being a better person in the world. Maybe just spreading compassion and love.

Questions in a pandemic

We are socially distanced. Everyone I know, even the skeptics, are staying home and being extremely careful. My friends are homeschooling, knitting, baking, reading, wrangling kids, online grocery shopping, Netflix binging, and trying to get through the weeks. Who knew that there were actually 3,570 hours in a day? I miss my friends and family.Continue reading “Questions in a pandemic”

A friendly PSA in the time of pandemic

If you have a pet, you have likely wondered about the status of your local veterinary clinic. Veterinary medicine is suspended in a state of uncertainty. We do many surgeries, from spays and neuters to exploratories to splenectomies. Of course, to do this, we need to use sterile gloves, sterile gowns, and face masks. TheContinue reading “A friendly PSA in the time of pandemic”

#indoorsy, also called enjoying what I can when the world is out of control

Caveat: I am extremely privileged to have savings and a cushion while I am unable to work. While I am stressed about not being at my job, I recognize that many of my friends and family are going to be struggling mightily during this time, as they cannot work. This post is in no wayContinue reading “#indoorsy, also called enjoying what I can when the world is out of control”

The bubble

Recently, I’ve constantly thought about control. It’s an illusion. We have absolutely none. My son died and taught me that. My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and reminded me. COVID19 shuts down the world, and I scream “OK I GET IT, UNIVERSE! NO CONTROL!” Most of the time, I am able to hold the knowledgeContinue reading “The bubble”